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how to mic spam

I believe that the underlining motive of mic spam is to entertain, so before installing any software to mindlessly spam (spamming methods at the bottom), think of what will be the point of it to You. Is it to annoy people or rather to entertain, to have fun by enchancing the experience?

Do note that under certain conditions, being annoying is entertaining.

Presuming that the reason why you mic spam is to entertain, how are you going to assure your goal will be reached? It may sound insulting to you if you’ve already thought these things through for yourself and all you’re after is de wey to do it, but do consider a few things first on how to mic spam masterfully.


Context Is Everything

The word context should be self-explanatory, but here: micspam that can be interpreted in relation to the surrounding events – for the sake of entertainment – in a funny way.

Some people have not understood this, but mic spam in spite of that, almost like why Megamind, a character from the movie with the same name, became evil. Wrong idea about things, in our case, about mic spamming, things not working out the way they wanted to a point where they just snapped and opted for the intentional self-destructive behaviour instead. There are many more reasons why people sometimes act like jerks, but the idea behind them is generally the same. Have you seen any such mic spammers? Now you know why.


Tactfulness Plays A Role Too

Having nailed the context is not enough on its own. As odd as it may sound, sometimes people forget that they’re not alone in this world.

Tact refers to respecting others’ feelings while being yourself. It presumes people are different. So when something is funny to me, it might not be funny to somebody else. Be mindful of others’ limits, read the situation. Fairly simple concept.

So come on and chickity check yo self before you wreck yo self.


Methods On How To Play Music Through Mic

Now that you know what the point of mic spamming is and how it’s done MASTERFULLY, check out the many options for actually playing audio files through mic and pick the method you prefer: “My Best Picks – How To Play Music Through Mic (Tutorials)”

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