What Is Mic Spam / What Has Become Of Mic Spam? (IMPORTANT)

what is mic spam?
What is mic spam? What has become of mic spam?

What Is Mic Spam

This is the general consensus in regards to what is mic spam: mic spam refers to the act of spamming constant music or chatter through the microphone.

However, I personally don’t considering it to be something set in stone. Granted, “mic spam” in its literal sense is embedded in the history of human kind, but the phenomena itself is bound to evolve from what it’s generally known for.

What is mic spam?
What is mic spam?

The underlining motive of mic spam is either entertainment or curiosity, in rare cases it could be annoyment, but that’s truly only in rare cases. You could argue that a mic spammer can be annoying and derive from that your interpretation of the mic spammer’s motives, but really, it’s simply the case of one man’s meat being another man’s poison. Mic spammer might very well be entertained by his or her mic spam while others suffer due to the mic spammer’s oblivious experience by having to experience it themselves.

According to Know Your Meme, it all started back in 2006. That’s when the term “mic spam” became to be. It was likely entertaining for most back in the day because it was new (curiosity, entertainment – they’re are alike). However, over time, mic spamming has become more of an annoyance to others than before. It has morphed into the cancer it is known for today.

Indeed, times have changed. Technological improvements have provided us with ease of access and new possibilities. The old kind of mic spamming is losing its charm.

What is mic spam?
What is mic spam? The old kind of mic spam is losing its charm.


What Has Become Of Mic Spam?

Note that the old kind of mic spamming is still very much alive. There are curious people trying it out for the first time all the time. But with a much wider array of technical solutions and audio clips than in the early days, mic spamming has become a sort of art.

More and more people practise up to date quality mic spamming. However, those who fall behind in their old mic spam ways are getting muted for their lack of understanding or their abuse of it. Because of the latter, mic spamming has become more of an annoyance than ever before.

So „don’t be that guy“ and instead master the art of mic spamming.

What is mic spam?
What is mic spam? Quality mic spam on the rise.


Is Toxic Mic Spamming Destined To Die?

Perhaps mic spam, the toxic kind, truly is destined to die, mainly because it deserves just that for how annoying it can be. It causes more damage than good, and for some, that’s the idea of it. After all, with the advancements in thechnology, games and digital interfaces in general are becoming that much more immersive and whole. An external distractor, such as mic spam, can easily ruin the experience.

But then again, find me that one utterly grumpy person who never once under any circumstances found a mic spammer amusing even just a little bit. Such a person is hard to imagine exists, unless all the audio-through-mic players he or she ran across were ill-minded, to put it politely.

I think it’s fair to say there is something to mic spam, something that’s not all that bad, but has been left out by most. I call it the art of mic spamming.


Methods For Playing Music Through Mic

Think you know what the art of micspamming is and have what it takes to mic spam masterfully? Then check out the many options I’ve listed for playing audio files through mic in games and voice applications and pick the method you like: “My Best Picks – How To Play Music Through Mic (Tutorials)”

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