What Is The Art Of Mic Spamming?

what is the art of mic spamming

What was entertaining back in the day is not entertaining today. Reverse engineering this practice from its degeneration that’s happened over time and making it entertaining in today’s setting instead, that’s the art of mic spamming. Fairly simple, right?

Granted, there are no studies on what the art of mic spamming is nor is there a decent written consensus about it. So all I can really do is opinionate the matter while making it sound reasonable, essentially making things up by using fancy words. However, that doesn’t mean I’m spouting nonesense – I’ve done my research on what I’m basing these my opinions on. And also, Observation.


What Is Mic Spam Without The Word Art?

As the name mic spam suggests, it’s just that, irrelevant and inappropriate annoying transmission of sounds through the microphone. Be it by yelling or playing some pre-recorded sound, but that’s what it is. The term mic spam has stuck with it since. But with the way it’s been going now, even mic spammers themselves would want the out of place cancer it has become to die off.

It was coined that way back in the day, likely because that’s all an average mic spammer could do with it at the time. Are you an average mic spammer?

But there is a glimmer of hope. When you add the word art, the art of mic spam, it turns into something different, more modern, quality mic spam. It becomes this creative process. Without this creative process to it, mic spam is simply an obnoxious autistic behaviour from the past.


Methods For Playing Music Through Mic

You now might have an idea what the art of mic spamming is compared to just mic spamming, more or less. You can read more on how to mic spam masterfully or you can skip that and go straight for the methods and choose one you like from the list: “My Best Picks – How To Play Music Through Mic (Tutorials).”

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