Why Do People Mic Spam?

Why do people mic spam?
Why do people mic spam?

Why Do People Mic Spam?

We all think we know the answer to why people mic spam: because they are low-life little arrogant [insult word here].

It seemingly doesn’t need more explaining – it already implies that the reason why some people mic spam is that they’re probably spoiled little kids with little to no empathy nor self-consciousness, sociopaths or jerks craving for certain type of reaction or attention. There are more “reasons” we can come up with as to why some people mic spam, but these “reasons,” for the most part, follow the same old principle.

I think what’s described thus far is clearly not the whole story about why they do it but simply an impulsive reaction to toxic mic spam. It’s not exactly a deep understanding of why do people mic spam.


Thinking Clearly – The Purpose Of Mic Spam

First impression together with the negative being more memorable – a powerful phenomena – I think mic spamming is notorious like that, giving it a negative association by default.

Why do people mic spam?
Why do people mic spam? Let’s investigate.

What if we were to look past our blindsighted dislike when it comes to mic spam and think clearly for a moment? Try not to take a stance, try being neutral and starting from a white sheet instead. Let’s start with the simple stuff first and build our understanding from there: what is mic spam?

Mic spam refers to the act of spamming constant music or chatter through the microphone in a game or a voice application. I’d say the terminology is deceiving – it’s not something set in stone like that. According to Know Your Meme, the term “mic spam” was coined way back in 2006. It’s not hard to imagine why: all you could do back then was play music through the mic with less control over its quality and volume, it was literally just spam. But times have changed and so have the ways how people mic spam or play sounds through mic.

When it comes to the purpose of mic spam, especially in today’s setting, the underlining motive of mic spam seems to be either curiosity or/and entertainment, no matter how you look at it. The negatives, annoyment and the likes, are merely a side-effect, not the purpose, though there are exceptions. To put that in to one perspective: one man’s meat is another man’s poison. This analogous example should have made it very clear how biased the matter is. Even if it seems to be annoying intentionally in some cases, it’s more likely that the person spamming the mic is simply oblivious to their surroundings, entertaining only themselves.


Getting Closer – The Problem With Mic Spam

The problem with mic spam is the biased nature of it. Add to that the purpose of mic spam, entertainment or curiosity (they are alike in this context), and we get a far-away land.

Why do people mic spam?
Why do people mic spam? Hmm, indeed…

There are schools of sciences dedicated to figuring out what makes something entertaining. I’m sure everyone can agree that a lot goes into making things funny, assuming they didn’t mix up opinions and facts. So when it comes to entertainment, it seems that it’s neccessary to violate boundaries to make things funny and that might be the problem when it comes to mic spamming…

Because what makes things funny is such a sophisticated matter dealing with stretching boundaries, here lies the problem with mic spamming: people might go too far and not realize it. There’s always the chance that they don’t even know what the point of it was apart from serving their curiosity as just another toy they learned to play with. And I can’t blame them for that…


So Why Do People Mic Spam?

This is my take on this: the reason why people mic spam is that people want to spice up the fun. Really that simple.

Granted, there are more specific reasons as to why somebody transmits sounds through mic, but I feel that the general idea behind it doesn’t change.


But Why Do They Revert To Toxic Mic Spam?

What I’ve often seen is that people tend to think too little of what it actually takes to make mic spamming work. It’s easier for people to simply play music randomly, for themselves.

Why do people mic spam?
Why do people mic spam? Harder than it looks.

That is where the notorious connotation for the act of playing music through mic came from in the first place. People playing music through mic thinking it’s funny – because everything checks out in their own head but not in others’. It’s comical, but not funny. See below for explanation.



Let Go Of The Banana

You might have heard this before how monkeys won’t let go of bananas in certain situations.

Why do people mic spam?
Why do people mic spam? Monkey reading about it.

Imagine trappers placing bananas in a locked cage with narrow spaces between its bars in the jungle to catch a monkey. Sounds stupid right? They should be luring the monkey inside and not tease the monkey. It’s not going to work …Is what any sane person would think.

But along comes the monkey and sees the bananas. The monkey will slide its hands through the bars, which they just barely can do, and grab onto the bananas. But guess what, now that the monkey has grabbed the banana(s), their fist wont fit through the bars to pull it out. No matter how hard the monkey tries, they can’t pull it out.

Why do people mic spam?
Why do people mic spam? Banana peel.

From there, all the trappers have to do is walk up to the monkey, who by then is most likely panicking yet not letting go of the banana(s), and grab the monkey.

Comical, but not exactly funny because something similar is happening to such mic spammers. They don’t seem to learn but rather go down the spiral of stubborness after having underestimated what it takes to mic spam and failed not just the first time but ever since the first time.


Why Don’t We Better Ourselves At Mic Spamming?

We humans aren’t monkeys, right? So once a mic spammer has failed like that since the beginning, why do they still keep on spamming the mic like that? I think it can be explained through psychology – it’s a defence mechanism.

Why do people mic spam?
Why do people mic spam? Trapper tripping over the banana peel.

Once we fail at something, unwilling to admit to it, we start justifying it. We make it seem right to better cope with ourselves.

I must admit, it is an upgrade compared to the monkey’s behaviour, but still it reminds me of a monkey, a more developed one at that, with a different line of ancestors, too, but still…

Check out this post where I touch on what it takes to master the art of mic spamming (links to the post).


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