Mic spam – generally considered to be annoying, thus assumed to be of EVIL by default.

But guess what, with a wee bit of critical thinking applied, I have to admit to totally embracing quality mic spam, hopefully you will too. It’s COMEDY GOLD when the right sound is played in the right place at the right time.

I do pity those who have never experienced quality mic spam, but I can’t blame them. It is being misused by most. Now that’s something I do pity. That’s something this site aims to fix. …Or at least tries to? Perhaps not even that. Maybe all it does is make things worse, quite likely so now that I think about it. But maybe I’m wrong and some people will try to better themselves after reading some random’s take on it? Maybe so.

Whatever the case, the site is littered with tools and tips and whatnot, so go mic spam, hopefully masterfully.